Man: The Myth, the Legend

from by Help Gnash Red

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The "facts" within history books are often given the same validation as the proofs within a math book. The fallacy in this reasoning is obvious:History books, written and re-written by members of the dominant ideology, contain information that is obfuscated by the author's biases, allegiances, and political inclinations. This produces a profusion of mendacious writing that, acknowledged by the authority of "experts," becomes the insurmountable gospel of historical proof.


If you look beside the covers you will ascertain the scheme that the proof is in the pudding. Your disregard is what this means: I can't stop thinking of myself. I am second to none. None. None. None. You are second. Pop a pill. Tenacious credence to the open book exam. Don't relax. Your source is tainted. A rough draft by static hands. there's a story that never been told: it's the rank that wins and who decides.It's your fault that I'm learning surrounded by walls.It's my fault that I listened at all. It's your fault that you're spreading inside of my thoughts. It's my fault not containing my gall. In all your books have you ever even seen a flaw in your hero's lives. You stop and stare and read that the message we send is "I'm just a hot shot." The center is us. (U.S.) Be proud of the land and the plans we foster. If you're loyal a hundred percent you 'll have your chance as a textbook scribe. You and I can't be afraid. Afraid. You and I can't be afraid of nothing. You and I can't be afraid of nothing. Who's to say? You and I can't be afraid of nothing.


from Help Gnash Red, released January 29, 2013



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