Flyer War

from by Help Gnash Red

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The mass media won't stray too far left from the ideological spectrum because, if the editors and their subordinates haven't already internalized the role they play within the capitalist framework as proponents of a "patriotic" agenda, their fear of facing their corporate owners will keep them in line. Out of necessity, rogue ideas which might disrupt the status quo and siphon from the ruler's profit margins must be kept from the public mindset and therefore relegated to the outer fringes of political thought. If this course of action fails to induce reticence in the more politically rational sectors of society, then more repressive measures will be used to subdue those deemed as "radicals".


You can't cross it? Hide in the closets. You won't cross it? Truth is bought. Truth is sold. Business owns us. Shapes our mistrust but not enough. Otherwise it's sanitized news. Can you grasp it? Eat more plastic. Will you grasp it? It's thought control. It's thought control. I'm alarmist? Death squads exist. We're the fascists. Take a look. We wrote the book. I spy lies lies. If you're in doubt the flag's waving high. The stripes are the bars that keep us inside. the stars are the wars. stars are the wars. stars are the wars that we fight in the name of a country that's all built on lies. You think that I am running from duty? I pledge allegiance to me. "What you say?" Me! "What you say?" I'm not respecting the few and the proud now. I take no pride in killing "enemies." Killing "enemies." That's right. If I inflict you with anger, imagine the rage that I see. "What you mean?" See! "What you mean?" Can you dig it? I hear crickets. WIll you dig it? Who owns the screens fills the screens. Get the picture? That's the picture. They plant pictures to train our minds to train more minds. Obey!


from Help Gnash Red, released January 29, 2013



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