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released January 29, 2013




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Fidotrust Records Norwalk, California

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Track Name: Criteria for turning in family members
The running of bulls is analogous. Except the herd is you chasing fellow humans. The powers that be laugh at the rush. "If they're entertained they won't chase us." turn in your friends. your family and friends. dial. you got no friends. your family ends. why? That wanted poster is just like this. Incentive to call: the framing makes you pissed. Who's the source? I smell a roasted pig. Will that face be you before that sweepstakes win? You see strangers on television. "yawn" You see yourself on television. Something's wrong. That can't be you. "No!" You're not guilty. So. That must be you. No? You are guilty. Better run. Are you ready for school? Teachers teach the game. They tell you to tattle since the very first grade. You just doing your part. Cleaning up the mess. Who defines the rot? Who controls the press?
Track Name: Law Mourners
It flies out the door: my respect for you. Bring your swollen philosophies and watch you eat your policies. Shows me what you are: still lost in the pews. Stand! Sit! Stand! Sit! I've been unfettered by youth. I'm twice as bright as you are. Your bland and convinced and aloof. There's something to tell you... your brain's in the way. For your information opinions are gray. Praise your idols? Hint: they were here on Earth. Next! Door! Neighbors! Can't unprove your side, so it must be true. Read a book besides your book 'cause all the burden lays on you. Same goes for the stars, psychics, tarot cards. Voracious sweet appetites. A soothing message. Interest paid. Save the protocols or progression stalls. You! Snooze! You! Lose!
Track Name: The importance of Dust.
Sovereignty a tale told by... no one knows? Success is built on image defined by C.E.O.'s. Wage! Slaves! What you in for? United we fall. Divided we stand. Born and razed as slaves! Unthinkable to mention: workers pay the cost. The real welfare cases are the ones on top. They have something up their sleeves. Own the profits we won't see. Simple set solution: fracture all the norms. Labor holds the power. Created capital. You think that you made it?
Track Name: "Boo" Button
I'm sick of being sick 'cause I've had it up to here with self-appointed kings of imaginary scenes. Perfection is what you crave. Introspection is what you fear. I'm starting a motto when this pile is something new. The secret's about to end. The difference is right here. Right now. Detour. I will boil. Can't assuage my lack of tact, thinking faster than you can. I'm filling up my head. Endless rows of books ahead. I incorporate the past. It all matters. Understand? stop right there it's my micro war. stop. right. there. my. micro. war. I'm way ahead of you (not the statement of a snob). Can I teach you what i know in a fraction of a day? It's obvious your trapped in your service role. Good job. I will make a proposition: I'll stand unheard/no competition. I won't even count to zero. I don't want to be your hero.
Track Name: Pumpkin knows Popeye.
Strange perversion: hating pleasure. Taste a dosage. Have you gathered my perceptions that you started? ...I feel unwanted then lethargic. I stand idle? You're so giving? Eggshell walking isn't living. Focus anger in my direction. So surprised that's your complexion? You're much brighter than my future? Guess I'm duller and deserve it. "I can quote more hurtful phrases." You're the same then. You're a dead end. Why think of you? What for? You are nothing. I'm free of you. Hands off. I am someone. Pure and so simple. It's so simple. It's so simple. Far-fetched thinking. twist answers. Condescend. What a master. Some say (some say!) I'm dumb. Retrospect: through you I see. I'm not at fault. You're guilty. You're the one. you're the one. you're the one that don't understand.
Track Name: Sad Side of Happy
Autonomy. My final word. A selfish act? Haven't you heard that my free will's been disturbed? I'm hurting no one, not me. Relatives? Friends and such? Get over it. I'm not saying much? When did life promise no pain? Your well-being's your own domain. You should have savored the view. wasted dreams. waste of screams. heavy days. I'm to blame? What's the point of all of this? The only way out is your slips? Prescribe a dulling machine. Reduce what makes me with an empty mask devoid of joy. Without the throes. A broken toy. Feelings were feelings at least. This equals the death that you ceased. I should have savored the view. When will the madness subside? Rituals. Rituals. Why?
Track Name: Ordinary Soap.
It's the wave of the future: ingredients rule. Subordinate presses applying the tools. The system is challenged so you take the blame. yet all your commotion won't sweep it away. Hinder the progress of corporate spies (?). Diminish your purpose by polluting the skies. Question conventions ingrained with t.v.. The settings are settled. Remotes are a tease. I feel danger. it's probably ordinary soap. i need fragrance. out here there's no ordinary soap. Simulate efforts to temper the mood. The forest has vanished. Who's left to accuse? The cupboards are empty. The cure make believe. Efficiency smothered the optimist tree. Minor distractions. The wealthy move on. The dummies are voting. The news is all wrong. Racing for spaces that seem so sincere. Securing the country club message is clear. Orwell was humble, avoiding a scare. Logan is running and language is squared. Admire the creases, won't stifle your guilt. The fingers are pointing at engines you built. I've been on the waiting list for days. You were on the ballot all the time. I don't even know where I was on. I don't even know if I was on. I don't even know what I was on.
Track Name: Rats. Will. Kill.
I got shit for brains? Slick operation. Campaign's begun. Feel free to resist. We'll test our guns. Class war secures your land. It feeds more corporate wings that help our wealth expand. I was born in a universe where you don't mean a thing if you got not capital gains. Exploit the labor pools. We'll fund your war. Democracy or else. No room for discord. One world view. Sedition spoils the red, black, and blue. Soft population. Strategic lie. We're here to aid you. The big surprise is class war. What we instill. We own the banks, the courts. Armed forces do our will. Else we'll kill you. Else we'll kill you. Else we'll kill you. Rats will kill your markets, your country, your people, your culture. I got shit for brains?
Track Name: Bibirion.
I give up no pity so it hurts me? Friction isn't pretty. Do you copy? Reward. Punish. Tell me: You're the faulty? brainwash. transmit false data to misinform. brainwash. the younger the victim the more you will own. brainwash. I broke away. god (?) hates my soul (?)? If you are a stranger does it count still? Equals murder? Danger: Try some logic. Accept you or perish? You sound hostile. One day I'm enlightened. I'm a heathen? Fell your notions tighten, but I slip through. Denounce me as wicked. You're that worried?
Track Name: Flyer War
You can't cross it? Hide in the closets. You won't cross it? Truth is bought. Truth is sold. Business owns us. Shapes our mistrust but not enough. Otherwise it's sanitized news. Can you grasp it? Eat more plastic. Will you grasp it? It's thought control. It's thought control. I'm alarmist? Death squads exist. We're the fascists. Take a look. We wrote the book. I spy lies lies. If you're in doubt the flag's waving high. The stripes are the bars that keep us inside. the stars are the wars. stars are the wars. stars are the wars that we fight in the name of a country that's all built on lies. You think that I am running from duty? I pledge allegiance to me. "What you say?" Me! "What you say?" I'm not respecting the few and the proud now. I take no pride in killing "enemies." Killing "enemies." That's right. If I inflict you with anger, imagine the rage that I see. "What you mean?" See! "What you mean?" Can you dig it? I hear crickets. WIll you dig it? Who owns the screens fills the screens. Get the picture? That's the picture. They plant pictures to train our minds to train more minds. Obey!
Track Name: Disgrace to the Mustache.
Complaint to the boys in blue: Answer questions please. I been led to believe that your job is on the side of good. Community. Protect who? Serve whose needs? All my wishes don't believe in luck when you arrive on scene. If you were there then you'd be scared. Then you'd see why. Coppers never lie? I agree it's not a pretty life with casualties. But that don't mean a thing when you take advantage of your badge and badger me. Don't you have stuff to seize? Don't shoot 'cause I plain forgot to fuckin' freeze. Definition for your training school slash murder course. Hired Gun Lethal Force. Don't you see you're just a bully for the moneyed scene? Order you to do their thing. Break a strike or start a riot, rotten apples shouldn't take the heat.
Track Name: Banknote Torture Chamber
It's an illegal form of expression. My ego is in my hand. The truth is bleeding. Through me water. Do I exist at all? Change the curtains. Technicolor. The t.v. isn't even on. Know the answers. Play word power. I don't fear god. I'm god. Reckon I follow past perceptions. This evil is kind. I crave much more monsters. They can't kill me. Created this world I'm in. My head's in trouble. I have no structure. The absence of time. I'm insane. I'm in the basement. To you no meaning. I speak in tongues. You're blind. Intense verbal miscommunication. offended ahead of time and fell dumb. surrounding all things. connecting all things. One's for the other and two's for the same. Three's for the sickness I've spread along. Four's for the sorrow and five's for the pain. Six is the image I've bent beyond. Seven isn't stable and eight's on the way and nine's for the fervor that keeps me on and ten's for not liking what I have become and ten's for not liking what I have become.
Track Name: Man: The Myth, the Legend
If you look beside the covers you will ascertain the scheme that the proof is in the pudding. Your disregard is what this means: I can't stop thinking of myself. I am second to none. None. None. None. You are second. Pop a pill. Tenacious credence to the open book exam. Don't relax. Your source is tainted. A rough draft by static hands. there's a story that never been told: it's the rank that wins and who decides.It's your fault that I'm learning surrounded by walls.It's my fault that I listened at all. It's your fault that you're spreading inside of my thoughts. It's my fault not containing my gall. In all your books have you ever even seen a flaw in your hero's lives. You stop and stare and read that the message we send is "I'm just a hot shot." The center is us. (U.S.) Be proud of the land and the plans we foster. If you're loyal a hundred percent you 'll have your chance as a textbook scribe. You and I can't be afraid. Afraid. You and I can't be afraid of nothing. You and I can't be afraid of nothing. Who's to say? You and I can't be afraid of nothing.